Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans, or Medicare Part C, combine the benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B and provides additional benefits you wouldn’t get from just Medicare. You get Medicare Advantage Plans from private insurers, but Medicare still regulates the policies. 

The premiums you pay differ by plan and company. Sometimes you don’t even pay any premiums as Medicare pays the agency a fixed premium for providing your Medicare Part A coverage.

Should you consider Medicare Part C?

Who is Eligible for Medicare Part C?

Anyone enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B is eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan.

How to Enroll in Medicare Advantage

Before you enroll in Medicare Advantage, know your enrollment options. Your best choice is to enroll during your initial enrollment period, which starts three months before you turn 65-years old, the month you turn 65, and ends three months after you turn 65. 

If you miss the opportunity to sign up during your initial enrollment period, you may change your Medicare plans and enroll in Medicare Part C during open enrollment, which is October 15–December 7 each year. During this time, you can switch to or from Medicare Advantage based on your needs. 

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How do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

Medicare Advantage Plans combine your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits into one plan. Offered by individual insurance companies, you get a bundled policy with more benefits than traditional Medicare Part A and Part B. 

For example, if you need dental, vision, or hearing coverage, you’ll find it in Medicare Part C, but not Part A or Part B. 

Medicare pays the insurance company a part of the premium, but you may still owe premiums for the policy. Each policy also has different out of pocket maximums. Pay close attention to what you need from the insurance. For example, do you see specialists, or do you get urgent care often? These issues should play a role in the coverage you choose. 

See What Plans Are Offered in Your Area

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